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Bembel Crew Multigaming

Wie sind ein Multigaming Clan und sind auf Europas Strassen und auf Amerikas Highways unterwegs.

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2

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    American Truck Simulator

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2

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    American Truck Simulator

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    ETS2: Beyond the Baltic Sea

Forum Games RUST Controls (Legacy Rust)

Controls (Legacy Rust)

Post von Siegfried » 19.04.2019 13:05:03

Movement     WASD

Use Equipped Item     Left Click

Use Equipped Item(ALT)     Right Click

Jump     Space

Crouch     Hold Control

Sprint     Hold Shift

Look Behind     Alt + move mouse

Inventory     Tab or I

Hotbar Items     Numbers 1-6

Interact     E

Rotate Building Piece     Scroll Wheel or Mouse 2

Exit Menu     Escape

Chat     T or Enter

Voice-Chat     Hold V

Reloading     R

Turn Music On/Off     Page Up

Map     G

Toggle Flashlight     F

Enable the Console     F1

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